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[icon] kim
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Subject:My Latest...
Time:02:13 pm
out of body experience
staring into eyes of depths that marvel aquariums
arise delirium, pendulum mood swings
the feeling of inhaling helium
euphoria settles in reaching heights parallel to the ceiling
from now in years counting T minus a million
there will be no love lost
though my heart starves for your touch
it's the sweetest misery, we have more than history
and yours is the type of love that defines the epitome of
unconditional, but still unstoppable to keep my thoughts from going dismal
hazard signals reflect my condition as critical
cupid's missles crippled what should have been simple
and visible is not how our future exists
and This cannot simply be sealed with a kiss
but This will live on well after both our souls lift
what I miss, I reminisce
and drift in the midst of depression and bliss
emotional twists and overcasts, hard to put this in script
but being in love with you feels like an out of body experience
alive inside my vision of heaven, abruptly ended by reality's interference..
that Love Changes
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Time:05:18 pm
just sayin HI... I told Dom I would.... Peace
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Subject:This girl was on point with this...
Time:06:29 pm
Ima post some of my shit in the near future....

"Cupid's Got Some Explainin To Do"

I’m completely amazed at the power of a phrase
three simple words and Im completely refrained
cuz those words, they don’t lie in my brain
my heart nor my soul and Im completely detained
point blank, what Im basically saying is...
Love has got me undoubtedly drained
and Im about to maintain this emotion untrained
untamed to me Im ashamed to be
“caught” under the spell; Cupid came to me
and he gave to me...this bullshittin’ ass feeling
no one claims to see, and it’s the same for me
but its in vain to me cuz life’s a game to be
played and love...aint a playa
so how the hell did I slip up and fall
head over heels that aint like me at all
not funny, I bet Cupid’s having a ball
while Im stuck in love, this aint fair at all
somebody please explain to me
how when I wasn’t looking love came to me
I guess its plain to see, it’s a game indeed
and...Cupid’s got some explaining to do
a lot too, cuz people don’t just “hit” me
or “strike” me cuz that don’t fit me
nuh uhn no way that aint how you get me
but Cupid did it...ya gotta be shittin me
he had to be smoking weed cuz he trippin see
got this guy flipping me and bending me
Im getting choked up on the shit he be sending me
while he’s becoming a lil more than a friend to me
so Im calling you out Cupid
you made a big mistake Duffus
Lil MaMa aint the one to be played with
love just aint a feelin I was made with
and I’ll be damned if it grows this soon
I mean...how the hell you “struck” me and BOOM
Im in love...smh...start explainin...

LiL' MaMa
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Time:06:12 pm
Current Mood:bitchybitchy
Man I been in a pissy mood lately... Michelle keep bitchin at me, all my old jobs' fuckin up on my W2's, I mean damn. and i keep cravin hot sauce like a bitch.. for the past 2 months, i dunno why tho... wassup Dom
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Time:05:13 pm
Current Mood:feeling everything and nothing
is a muthafuckin bitch... I don't remember hurtin anybody this bad =(. I feel like shit and I can't stop feeling like shit. I just need some good ass therapy... like weed, sex, and alcohol. so yeah me and Michelle split.. but we still live together cuz no matter what she'll alwayz be my best friend... I just got this undying love for her... but we both got issues we need to work out. I just don't know what to do...
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Time:10:27 am
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Subject:it hasn't been that long...
Time:10:46 am
since i wrote in this... but im officially an unemployed loser again so i have time. one of my girl's friends just died in iraq 2 days ago man(fuck Bush, no matter how gangsta Dom says he is... dude was only 19). im broke as hell and we movin into a bigger apartment on the 1st of dec. anyway, just sayin what up Carlene, Dom, Lauren(u still drinkin? ur liver's gonna be fucked).. peace.
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Subject:long time no entry...
Time:10:48 am
i feel like an asshole still... it hurts that i hurt somebody i really care about but i can't lie i mean =/ damn. crazy, i can't get indepth on here tho.. but it looks like they movin on anyway. Anyway, i been hella busy, hella tired, and im tryna move out.. like real soon. and my internet is canceled im just on this free trial thing my brother did. but i gotta go so im out... Carlene Wassup, Lauren What up,Dom ima try to call u later on... aight.. peace.

p.s. Vicky???.. hmm
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Current Music:i wanna be ur lover
Time:10:29 am
Current Mood:calmcalm
I need another job.... Im tryna save up, get my cake up cuz a nigga can't shiiine off 6.55 =(. ever be doin hella good at work and can't get recognition for shit? bitches... it's aight tho... my mom was like u need to get off the phone.. and i wasn't even on the phone... she's hater, she don't wanna see me happy... anywayz... im out.

i really wanna thuuggg ya baby..
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Current Music:Nas Nas Nas
Subject:God Sakes...
Time:11:14 am
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
what a nigga gotta do to make a half a million.. without the FBI catchin feelin... what. How come shit can never go smoothly?.. I don't think life was meant to be easy... just reflectin.
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[icon] kim
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You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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